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Safety Procedures 2020

-Temperatures will be checked with a touch free thermometer before every entry
-The office, hallways, and bathrooms will be closed to anyone other than registered dancers
-Classes/groups during camp will be limited to 10 ballerinas in one room at a time
-We will be using pieces of tape in the room to distance the girls from each other
-Hands will be WASHED with SOAP before and after each class
-Only clean ballet shoes will enter the ballet studios so the floors can stay as clean as possible. Slippers or socks must be worn in hallway/craft room. 
-During crafts the girls will wear gloves or will have their own set of supplies
-Deep cleaning will happen after every day of camp. Surfaces regularly touched will be cleaned every hour. 

- All doors will be left open so no door handles will be touched. We will have fresh air from outside circulating the rooms as often as possible. 

- Dancers are expected to have the following items in personal dance bag: sweat towel, water tumbler (no plastic bottles), personal hand sanitizer, and shoes to slip on and off at the door. 

- Dancers are to wash all of their items in their dance bags: ballet shoes, tights, therabands, leotards, skirts, ouch pouches in pointe shoes, DANCE BAG, and all other items that can be washed BEFORE RETURNING and regularly throughout the week. 

- Lysol pointe shoes and items that cannot be put through the washing machine.

- PGD Staff will not be embracing the girls through hugging and will monitor dancer’s physical touching to the best of their ability. 

-If your dancer has been sick during the last fourteen days she will be asked to stay home. 

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