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The Story 2022

The most magical show on earth! Join Eloise as she welcomes you to her Christmas Eve Ball! Throughout the Ball an angel appears and takes Eloise into Bethlehem where we experience the birth of Jesus Christ! A night that you simply cannot miss!

Saturday Show Times: 3:30 & 7pm

Sunday Show Times: 3:30 & 7pm

Sunday Matinee (Nativity Only): Sunday 1pm

Buford Community Center

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Jefferson PGD Studio
55 College Street
Jefferson, GA 30549

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Hello! New to Pointe of Grace?

Well, Pointe of Grace Dance exists to teach little girls and young ladies a variety of dance techniques in a Christian environment. Pointe of Grace Dance has ministered to the community of South Jackson County for over seven years! Now we get to bring our little piece of heaven to downtown JEFFERSON and LOGANVILLE! May God be glorified here!

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Welcome Newsletter

We are so thrilled you are visiting our page! 

Our main studio is located in Downtown Jefferson on the square! There we are blessed with two beautiful studios with space for our girls to study before and after class.

55 College Street, Jefferson, GA 30549

Our second studio is located in Loganville. We are so blessed to have watched God expand our influence. There we have one beautiful studio space for girls to learn under Miss Ansleigh and grow in PGD's mission and values. 

With so many ballerinas we are reaching girls of all ages in Jackson County and Loganville teaching them the art of worshipping through ballet. We have trained girls to become gorgeous ballerinas inside the studio and brave followers of Jesus Christ outside! We are a studio who sees our talent as a true gift from our Creator, so we use that gift to the best of our abilities and WORSHIP.

Come dance with us and watch your dancer fall in love with ballet and her Creator God! 


An 8 week session made for your tiny dancer to begin comprehending what it is like to be a ballerina! & you get to hold her hand through it all!

AGES 2-3



A thirty minute class which teaches your little one how to walk, stand, and act like a ballerina. The perfect first steps!

AGES 3-6


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A forty-five minute class taking your ballerina through all the basics to being a STAR! These levels are where the dreams begin to grow! 

Level s 1-4


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Here is where the dreams come true and an athlete is made! Company spends 9-15 hours a week training to take their skills to the collegiate or professional level. These are our STARS in our prestige productions!

Ages 9-19



AGES 5-19


Thirty minute classes where the fun never ends! Learn to move to the beat of the music and simply have FUN!


AGES 5-12


A thirty minute class giving our tiny dancers the basics to the famous art-tap.

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AGES 5-19


A thirty minute class to increase your flexibility, give height to your jumps, and teach you new skills! This could be the class that takes you to the next level!


Ages 10-19


Our favorite! Here we take scripture, decipher it, put movement to the words, and put together a dance that truly allows us to WORSHIP. 

Ballerinas Stretching

Office Hours

To contact our administrative staff email pogd.studio@gmail.com

You may set up appointments through email.

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